Some Odd Girl is an Oddland populated by Digis, Cut Files and Clear Stamps of equally Odd yet cute characters and critters.
Digital and Clear Stamps of Odd yet Cute Characters and Critters

Getting Started with Digital Stamps Ebook 


Some Odd Girl started in January 2010 as a Digital Stamp company when digital stamps were the new kid on the block. Since those days Digital Stamps have grown in popularity and now more and more people are starting to use this print and pixel versions of rubber stamps. 


In this ebook, we are are answering the basic questions and giving you the skills you need to get started and join the fun!


We cover topics like...


- what is a Digital Stamp?

- storage and organization

- ways to back up

- what software do I need?

- How to resize

- How to flip an image

- Inkjet vs Laser Printing


all topics asked by Digital Stamp newbies.


We want you to have the best start possible so not only are we providing you with answers, this ebook has 34 pages of walk thrus and step by step photo accompanied tutorials, we are giving you a free digital stamp to get started with included in your ebook download. Got to have something to practice with right?


What are we asking in return for this ebook? Nothing! This Ebook is free to download. All we ask is if you enjoy it and find the information in these pages useful to send your crafty friends here to download a copy of their own and use the Social Media buttons below to share the link. 


So if you've been intimidated by the idea of going digital with your stamping, let's us help you open up a new world and banish those "tech" fears!