Did you know we have a Wishlist?

Posted by Kristy Dalman on

I love a good Wishlist! Our Wishlist is a lil bit of fun and I have some pics to show you to help you get started making your own.

On each product detail page you'll see a Heart with a number in it



Clicking on that Heart adds that item to your Wishlist, you can tell if an item is on your list at a glance if the heart is filled in. If its just outlined its not, filled in it is.


It will also up the number inside the heart by 1. The number tells you how many other people have that item on their wishlist too.

To see what's in your wishlist, make sure you're logged in, then click My Wishlist at the top of the page near your log in. You can add to your cart or share your wishlist right from there too!

If you see or think of any features you'd like to see in our shop, just click over to the Contact form and give us a shout!

Until next time!


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