Black Hair "Mae" Avatar, SomeOddGirl - 1
Black Hair "Mae" Avatar, SomeOddGirl - 2

Black Hair "Mae" Avatar

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Want to bring a bit of Odd to your online presence? Your personal blog, facebook, Instagram or what have you can get a new makeover with this new bit of lovingly painted goodness. A lot of hours and detail are put into each of these avatars, none of that fast and flat stuff, the difference shows. 

Unlike the digi stamps in the shop you have a few choices, each choice of Mae here has black hair but you can choose between blue, green, hazel and brown eyes by clicking the dropdown under "eye color".

Please note that the black and white line art/digi stamp version is *not* included with this purchase.

This is created for your personal (ie non-commercial, non-crafting) usage. If you do want to use it in a way that makes you wonder, don't hesitate to contact me and ask! Also contact me for commercial rates. 

  • For personal usage only
  • Downloadable PNG version included
  • 600dpi


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