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    Your Account

    Do I have to create an account to buy something from your store?

    -Yes and no, you do not have to create an account to order but it certainly has benefits!

    • Keep track of your orders
    • save your cart
    • have your own Wishlist
    • and more!

    You may check out as a guest but we will not be able to reset your orders in case of computer dumps.


    I forgot my username or my password. What do I do?

    -If you happen to have forgotten either your username or your password, click on the Sign In link at the top of the homepage. Fill out the form and our system will send an email to reset.


    I am not receiving any of the emails for my order. What's wrong?

    -If you are not receiving any of our emails, it usually means that your email address is mis-typed in our system. Please use the Contact Us form and send us your username and the correct email addess and we will fix it for you.


    How do I use your Wishlist?

    -Oooo! I love a good Wishlist! Our Wishlist is a lil bit of fun and I have some pics to show you.

    On each product detail page you'll see a Heart with a number in it 

    Clicking on that Heart will up the number (the number tells you how many other people have that item on their wishlist too) and fill in the heart.

    To see what's in your wishlist, make sure you're logged in, then click My Wishlist at the top of the page near your log in. You can add to your cart or share your wishlist right from there too!



    Orders and Downloads

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    -You can use Paypal or processing thru Shopify. You do not have to have a Paypal account as Paypal also handles credit card payments without an account. Instead of logging in with Paypal, below that is the option for credit card. Simply fill in the information.


    I purchased a digi, how do I get my downloads?

    - There's a couple of ways to get your downloads. You can either download them on your Order Confirmation page by clicking the Download Now link, which will look like this:

    or from you Downloads email. Clicking on each link in the email will take you back to the site:


    If you're shopping via Moble, the email is great to download from later.


    I have a coupon code, how do I use it?

    -After you have all your items in your cart you can check out via Shopify or Paypal. To use your coupon code with each follow these steps:

    Shopify: Click the checkout button, below your Order Summary on the right, click the Have a Discount? link, enter your code and click Apply.

    Paypal: Click the Check out with Paypal button, log in with paypal or fill out your credit card information, then click Pay Now (you actually don't pay yet, a tad misleading that). You'll be brought back to our shop where you have to confirm your order before officially paying. Below your Order Summary on the right, click the Have a Discount? link, enter your code and click Apply.


    When I try to check out I get an error that says "No Shipping Options Match," what do I do?

    -Our system requires two things to check out, you must have an account, and be logged in, and your account must have an address on file. If you are getting this error it means that your account does not have an address attached to your account. To fix this is quick and easy! First log in, then click your name at the top. In your Account you'll see a link for "View Addresses" that is where you can fill in or update your information with us. After you have that filled in you'll be able to check out just fine.

    PS. If you are from Puerto Rico, Paypal still wants a zip code though it Puerto Rico does not have one. Please enter 00000 in that field so you may check out without error.


    The file I downloaded from you isn't an image, it looks like a folder, but I can't use the images inside. What do I do?

    - The file you download from us is what's called a zip file (should look like a folder with a little zipper or a stack of books tied together). This type of file compresses everything placed inside so it is easier and faster for downloading. Once the items are inside (you'll find a PNG, JPEG and our Angel Policy) you can't use them, because of the compression, until you unzip the file. Its super easy to do! :) Simply right click and choose Extract Here or Extract All and it will unzip for you. Then you can use them as you'd like!


    I can't open the file I downloaded, my computer says "unknown file type" or "corrupt file" what's wrong and how can I fix it?

    - I apologize for that! It is an error that is due to the browser you are using to download, which is occuring most of the time with Firefox. The easiest thing to do is to use another browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari) and redownload your file. 





    When will my order ship?
    - First, thank you for your order! We try and be very prompt with shipping your stamp order. As we are transitioning to all digital we will be shipping on Mondays and Thursdays. If you need your order faster please email with your order number and any details and we will be happy to help!
    How long can I expect shipping to take?
    - It depends on where you are :) You can usually expect shipping to take 1-2 weeks though domestic orders are typically much faster, typically 3-5 days after shipping.
    What shipping options do you have available?
    - Currently we ship all orders using USPS First Class shipping. All domestic orders include Delivery Confirmation (something not offered to International First Class deliveries). If you would like to have your delivery shipped Priority please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Any additional shipping charges will be billed via Paypal.



    Extra Stuff

    How can I get you to sponsor our blog?

    - If you would like us to consider your blog or site for sponsorship, fill out our sponsorship form and we will contact you. Filling out the form does not guarantee sponsorship.


    If you sponsor our blog, what can we expect?

    - We want all sponsorships to be mutually beneficial so we have some guidelines and standards we use when sponsoring challenge blogs/groups.

    • Accepted sponsorships will be provided with a prize to use for the winner. If blog owners agree to providing double the entries to contestants who use our stamps on their project, then the DT members will each be provided with a digi to use.
    • DT members of the agreeing sponsored group will get 1 digi stamp each, to be redeemed via coupon code in our shop. Sharing of images between DT members is not allowed. DT members accepting digis must use them for the sponsored event/challenge.
    • Prize provided for the winner starts at a $10 GC but may be adjusted based on the size of the blog's audience and usual participation. 
    • We will provide a shop wide discount for the participating blog that will last the duration of the sponsorship of 20%


    Can I buy your Clear Stamps in Digi form?

    - No, our digi designs and clear stamp designs are kept separate.


    What are Digital Stamps and how do I use them?

    - Digital Stamps are the Pixels and Printer version of traditional Rubber or Clear Stamps. These black and white lineart images are created using your printer instead of a stamp and ink. Download our free Ebook to explain everything and get you started easily. Colored versions are not included and are presented to represent what you could color on your own and to protect against theft of the line art by "those type of people".


    What are Cut Files?

    - Cut files are created to be used with your electronic die cut machine (ie Silhouette). Included in the file is an SVG, which is a type of cut file that is recognized by many programs like the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio, Make the Cut and Sure Cuts A Lot amongst others, as well as an JPG or PNG of the file that if you don't have one of those you can use the Trace function to create a cut line that works for your particular machine. Every Cut File includes a PDF explaining how to use the trace function step by step. We have shapes, backgrounds, cardbases and shapes available that coordinate with our clear sets that you can buy in our shop.



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