Mini Innertube Digi Stamp

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You ever put your summer inflatable around your waist to help hold it up as you walk to the beach and your ass and hips are like nah, I got this; then because your hands are free you can become the sand pack mule and carry all the towels and that bag of sand toys even though you know the minute they get to the water they aren't going to build a gd sandcastle but if you don't bring it they'll whine and cry until you do so you scoop it up just to prevent the headache? Yeah, here's your membership to join the club. Be proud that at least something helped you carry all the bs. And for the love of god, you took all the time to put sunscreen on everyone else, don't forget to put it on yourself. 


ps. this digi includes a version without the sunglasses, because you forgot them in the car, and a version with.

  • Digital Stamp delivered via zip file instant download and email
  • both JPEG and PNG with transparent background included


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